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The SearchOhio (OHPIR) passthrough badge: code and placement

Ideally, the local catalog of the participating member will display both the OhioLINK and SearchOhio badges as pass-through search links in both the results and the full-record search displays. Westerville Public Library includes the badges using the following settings for the WebPAC and Encore.


The “Classic” catalog has pages for both bib-level and item-level results. The relevant settings in Web Options are to be found on page 106919 of the Millennium manual. There are two:

INNREACH, which sets up the pass-through link and also determines what indexes are used, and IR_PLACEMENT, which determines where the link will be placed. Westerville uses setting “1” for this, which puts the link in the navigation row of all display screens, and this is what we recommend.

The actual code in the INNREACH setting at Westerville appears below. This code groups both links together, so that they appear next to each other in the catalog display. Note the strings of index tag equivalents (a=a, etc.) —this may need to be altered for your system if your index tags do not match SO Central’s. Ohpir.gif and ohiolink.gif are available from their respective orgs, or you can just grab them from a member OPAC.

<img src="/screens/ohpir.gif" border=0 alt="Find it on SearchOhio">@ohpir.westervillelibrary.org(X=X;Y=Y;Z=Z;a=a;t=t;d=d;o=o;g=g;i=i;c=c)&<img src="/screens/ohiolink.gif" border=0 alt="Search OHIOLINK">@olc1.ohiolink.edu(X=X;Y=Y;Z=Z;a=a;t=t;d=d;o=o;g=g;i=i;c=c)


Setting the passthrough links up in Encore requires III’s participation. Up to three such “Other Sources” can be configured. Encore passthroughs can also display the number of hits on the current search at each INN-Reach site. The Other Sources area for both results and full record displays is predetermined for each Encore skin, so there is not much choice when it comes to placement. Luckily, the defaults are very visible.

SearchOhio index tags


01 > 	!      	REC INFO
02 > 	"      	BIB INFO
03 > 	_     	 LEADER
04 > 	c      	CALL #      c
05 > 	a      	AUTHOR      at
06 >	t       TITLE       Wkt
07 >	e       EDITION
08 > 	p      	PUB INFO
09 > 	r      	DESCRIPT
10 > 	f      	FREQUENCY
11 > 	s      	SERIES      Wat
12 > 	n      	NOTE        Wt
13 > 	d      	SUBJECT     Wd
14 > 	b      	ADD AUTHOR  at
15 > 	u      	ADD TITLE   t
16 > 	q      	LINKING
17 > 	x      	CONTINUES   at
18 > 	z      	CONT'D BY   at
19 > 	w     	RELATED TO
20 > 	o      	OCLC #      o
21 > 	i      	STANDARD #  i
22 > 	l      	LCCN        l
23 > 	g      	GOV DOC #   g
24 > 	y      	MISC
25 > 	k     	MATCHKEY    k
26 > 	7      	HOLDINGS    z


27 > 	!      	REC INFO
28 > 	&     	ITEM INFO
29 > 	y      	MISC
30 >	c      	L CHECKIN   cz
31 > 	o      	L ORDER     z
32 >	i      	L ITEM      z
33 > 	r     	L BIB

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