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Monthly Statistics Reports

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INNReach Reports on Polaris

Go to the INNReach Reports by clicking on Utilities and then Reports and Notices.


The INNReach Reports are found in the Circulation folder and contain the common reports run by the PCirc contact. Click on the individual repot to start the process.


All reports will bring up a window that asks the user to pick a branch (if applicable) and a Number of Days... that helps limit the search to a certain date range. Each library may determine their own date ranges. The range information below is mainly for example.


All reports will generate a PDF of the information. Each report will use this information in a different way.


Paged too Long

Description of Report: Allows the Library to create a list of all items that have been requested and paged, but have not changed status for more than three days.

Frequency: At least once a month.

Report Type: Paged too Long
Minimum Days: Recommended 3 days

Returned too Long

Description of report: This report creates a list of INN-Reach items requested by other libraries that have had the status Returned for more than the specified number of days. These are items that have not been checked in at the owning library

Frequency: Once a month

Report Type: Returned too Long
Minimum Days: Recommended 7 days

Email the PDF to the applicable PCircs at the owning libraries. That PCirc should check the record to see if stills says it is out to the borrower and they should check the shelves to see if it was returned, but not checked in.

Email Language ex: (feel free to copy)

This is the Returned Too Long list generated for Westerville. Please check your shelves or catalog to see if the item has been returned. If you find it, please check it in. If the item has a return date of more than 60 days, please check the item in so that it comes off borrowing patron's account and make it missing.

If your records indicate that it's available or already checked out to another patron, please let me know so that I can delete the broken link. As these items are listed as Ret'd on our end, I will be manually deleting these virtual records at the end of the month

In Transit too Long (Shipped)

Description of report: This report shows items that have been shipped to Your Patron for more than the specified number of days. It locates books that have been put on the Hold shelf without being checked in and lets you know which items need to be reported as missing to the owning library.

Frequency: Once a week -late in the week to avoid weekend transit delays.

Report Type: In Transit too Long
Minimum Days: Recommended 14 days

Locate the items in the results list that are in Transit to your library. Check the Hold Shelf to see if the items are there. If the material is found on the hold shelf check it in and then return the item to the hold shelf. The patron will then get the notice that the item is ready for pickup.

Email Language ex: (feel free to copy)
This is the In Transit Report for Westerville. These items have not been received at our location. Please check your shelves for the item. If you do not find the item you may want to mark it as ‘missing’ in the catalog until it can be located.

I am removing the record (checking it in and deleting the item record) from our patron’s account at this time.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Requested too Long

Description of Report: Allows the library to create a list of all items that have been requested by their patrons and have been unfilled for more than three days from the date the request was placed. This report will allow you to give excellent service to your patrons.

Frequency: Once a month or bi-monthly

Report Type: Requested too Long
Minimum Days: 7, keep in mind weekends and holidays

This list can be used to locate items that might be used to fill the patron requests. Locate the items in the INNReach catalogs and request them from another lender.

Received too Long

Description of Report: This report lists the items with the status Received for more than 10 days. It helps to locate items that seem to be missing from the hold shelf.

Frequency: Monthly or bi-monthly

Report Type: Received too Long
Minimum Days: 11

Check to see that all of the items on this list are on your hold shelf. If an item is not found, contact the owning library to see if the item is there.

Institutional Overdue Reports

Description of Report: These reports are created to check shelves for materials that may have been returned, but not checked in. They are also used to allow the owning library to clear up their catalog by removing items that are past a certain period overdue. The clean-up guidelines are used once a year to clear items from patron records. The report can be run as often as time permits at the owning library.

Frequency: Decided per individual library

Report Type: Institutional Overdues Minimum Days: 60
Maximum: 9999

Search the stacks of the main library and all branches for all items on the list. Check in any items that are found. Generate the report again with the sort in order of patron home library. Copy and paste the information and e-mail to the p-circ contact at the patrons' institution. Or mail a paper copy of the the appropriate portion to the pcirc contact at each institution.

Other institutions will prepare lists of items that are overdue from your patrons. When you receive these lists, check the patron records and current status of each item on any lists you receive. Add the applicable bill amount ($25 or $125) the patron's account and return the lists with any notes you have about the status of the book to the p-circ contact at the owning library.

Email language ex: (feel free to copy)

These are the institutional overdues for Westerville. This item should be on your patron's record as a billed item. Please add this item as a manual fine and then check the item in. Please reply back when you have done that so that we can remove the item from our catalog.

If you have any questions, or if the item is not on your patron's account, please let me know.